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Bargaining Update # 2


March 24, 2017     “Parity and Clarity for Our Members”

The KUCFA Collective Bargaining Committee held another two meetings with the employer’s  “Negotiating Panel” on March 17, and then today (March 24) for the purpose renewing our contract. The contract – the “Conditions of Appointment for Faculty” – is due to expire on April 30, 2017.*

We continue to make our way through our proposals as well as the employer’s proposals. The work is slow but steady, especially considering that the employer opened up 11 articles and 28 clauses within those articles, as well as 4 appendices and 18 clauses within those appendices. Some of these we have worked our way through, but there are still a number of proposals to address and they are complicated. We have been in touch with experts at OCUFA, CAUT, and Eckler who have provided us with valuable guidance. Our Chief Negotiator, Stephanie Bangarth, has participated in a number of OCUFA teleconferences and day seminars on the subject of collective bargaining. Our Collective Bargaining Committee comprised of Anisha Datta, Hui Feng, Pat Ryan, and Rick Csiernik are working hard to ensure that our members get a fair deal. KUCFA Executive Assistant, Lesley DePauw, has also been in attendance taking notes to ensure we record the important information we discuss at the table.

Remaining Issues: some remaining issues include salary, equity issues, P&T procedures, benefit premium costs, teaching load equity vis-à-vis sabbatical leaves, and sick leave provisions, among others.

Reaching a Deal: we have three more bargaining sessions scheduled for April 11th, 19th, and 27th.  As always, please keep informed of our activities via the KUCFA OWL site, the KUCFA website, and through membership meetings to be held as required.

The negotiations have been a collegial process thus far. We are confident that we will achieve a deal that reflects parity and clarity for our members.

The KUCFA Collective Bargaining Committee

* For details of the procedures, see “Negotiation Procedures”, Appendix A, page 70 Conditions of Appointment for Faculty

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