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Bargaining Update #3


April 19, 2017 Parity and Clarity for Our Members

The KUCFA Collective Bargaining Committee held another two meetings with the employer Panel on April 11, and April 19 for the purpose renewing our contract. The contract  the Conditions of Appointment for Faculty is due to expire on April 30, 2017.*

As we reported to you in Bargaining Bulletin #2, we continue to make our way through our proposals as well as the employer’s proposals. The work is still slow but steady, and sometimes productive. The employer has been receptive to some of our proposals but some of their proposals are complicated and have important implications for our current and for our future members. It is for this reason that the Collective Bargaining Committee seeks members input at the upcoming KUCFA meeting on April 26 at 10:30am in W168.

We have indicated to the employer that we will solicit member’s guidance on the following issues:
1.  Parental and Adoption Leave provisions
2.  Course Buyouts

We would also like to discuss:
Tuition benefit for dependants

These are important issues. We know it is a busy time of year and we appreciate that time is valuable. But we also appreciate member’s advice and on these issues as we want to represent your voice at the bargaining table.

Reaching a Deal: we have one more bargaining session scheduled for April 27th, however we expect our work will take us into May. As always, please keep informed of our activities via the KUCFA OWL site and the KUCFA website.

The negotiations remain a collegial process to date. We are confident that we will achieve a deal that reflects parity and clarity for our members.

The KUCFA Collective Bargaining Committee

* For details of the procedures, see Negotiation Procedures Appendix A, page 70 Conditions of Appointment of Faculty

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