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March 2, 2020  “Excellence and Equity for Our Faculty”

The KUCFA Collective Bargaining Committee held its first meeting with the employer’s “Negotiating Panel,” including the Chair of the Employee Relations Committee on February 27 for the purpose renewing our contract. The contract -­‐ the “Conditions of Appointment for Faculty” -­‐ is due to expire on April 30,  2020.*

At this time there are few issues to report. The Bargaining Committee discussed bargaining procedures with the employer – including future meeting dates -­‐ and outlined the contents of our proposal packages. The employer complimented us on the comprehensiveness of our proposals, and we provided initial responses to many of theirs. Some minor issues of wording and clarity in the agreement have already been agreed upon with the employer, while some other issues will require far more negotiations for our respective positions to begin to move closer.

While this first meeting represents the start of the formal bargaining process, it is in fact the culmination of many months of preparation by the KUCFA:

  • a Bargaining Committee was appointed;
  • a membership survey was conducted in the early   fall;
  • data, which was obtained from the employer and elsewhere, was reviewed and analyzed;
  • other Faculty Associations were consulted, as well as meetings and support with OCUFA & CAUT;
  • a Membership meeting was held to solicit membership feedback and concerns, and to outline and debate the subjects for negotiations.

In order to keep you informed and involved, the Bargaining Committee will be taking the following steps:

  • A CBC Information Folder under Resources in our Confidential Faculty Association Only OWL site: We will provide regular bulletins and updates on negotiations and provide information regarding specific items that might require general membership meetings for discussion.
  • Bargaining Bulletins: this is the first “Bulletin” which the Committee will regularly produce and post for the membership electronically through the confidential OWL site and on our KUCFA website.
  • Membership Meetings: future meetings will be held as required to provide information, answer questions and concerns, and to solicit feedback. The next meeting will be held on Wednesday March 25 at 3:30pm.

Thank you for taking the time to read this over and we look forward to your feedback at the next KUCFA meeting.

The KUCFA Collective Bargaining Committee: Stephanie Bangarth (chief negotiator); Anisha Datta; Adian McFarlane; Pat Ryan.

* For details of the procedures, see “Negotiation Procedures”, Appendix A, page 63 Conditions of Appointment of Faculty