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March 17, 2020     “Excellence and Equity for Our Faculty”

The KUCFA Collective Bargaining Committee held its second meeting with the employer’s “Negotiating  Panel,” including the Chair of the Employee Relations Committee on March 12 for the purpose renewing our contract. The contract -­‐ the “Conditions of Appointment for Faculty” -­‐  is due to expire on April 30,  2020.*

Our recent meeting with the employer’s Negotiating Panel was a constructive one. We agreed to some minor issues and worked on areas where we are finding some convergence. Our negotiations have been proceeding constructively and collegially.

The Covid-19 outbreak, however, has disrupted our bargaining process. Due to the ever-changing situation regarding Covid-19 we approached the employer to request a pause in negotiations with the proviso that  all timelines as they apply to our collective bargaining as noted in our Terms and Conditions (2017-2020) during this period of pause be held in abeyance. The employer agreed to our gesture of support and solidarity. We agreed to resume bargaining on April 6, but this date will be subject to any university and public health recommendations that may arise in the coming days and weeks ahead. In light of the announcement that King’s University College will become a remote-access campus effective March 16 at 5pm this will mean pausing bargaining for a longer period of time. Meeting via remote connection is not feasible due to the unique nature of collective bargaining. Our Chief Negotiator, Stephanie Bangarth, will continue to participate in OCUFA and CAUT bargaining meetings remotely to stay up to date on how our sector is dealing with the situation.

We hope you understand this decision. We are committed to obtaining the best deal for our members. Thank you for taking the time to read this over and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

  The KUCFA Collective Bargaining Committee: Stephanie Bangarth (chief negotiator); Anisha Datta; Adian McFarlane; Pat Ryan.

* For details of the procedures, see “Negotiation Procedures”, Appendix A, page 63 Conditions of Appointment of Faculty