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August 27, 2020    “Excellence and Equity for Our Faculty”

The KUCFA Collective Bargaining Committee held their 16th meeting this morning with the employer’s “Negotiating Panel,” for the purpose of renewing our contract. This is the most recent meeting since our last update to you in Bargaining Bulletin #4. The contract -­‐ the “Conditions of Appointment for Faculty” -­‐ expired on April 30, 2020.*

We are moving closer to the conclusion of the bargaining process. We were able to settle on language on a number of issues related to our status as a union. These clauses refer to the definition of our bargaining unit and past practice. We also finally reached consensus on clause 10.4.3 (pregnancy and parental/adoption leave top-up).

Our really good news is that we finally reached consensus on the language for the salary anomaly study. An enormous amount of time and energy went into this process, and we are grateful to a few faculty colleagues who provided valuable counsel to the committee. In particular, we wish to single out Marcie Penner and Tracy Smith-Carrier for their assistance early on in the process.

We are committed to obtaining the best deal for our members. The bargaining environment is still challenging.  As we will be bargaining into September (we began in late February!), we will continue to provide you with timely updates as needed. Thank you for taking the time to read this over and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

The KUCFA Collective Bargaining Committee: Stephanie Bangarth (chief negotiator); Anisha Datta; Adian McFarlane; Pat Ryan and Lesley DePauw.

* For details of the procedures, see “Negotiation Procedures”, Appendix A, page 63 Conditions of Appointment of Faculty