The KUCFA Collective Bargaining Committee has forwarded its initial proposal to Administration.  Our opening meeting will be April 29 and we have scheduled eight additional meeting dates for the opening round of bargaining that will take us through May and June to work on the 18 items that constitute our list of bargaining items. While our contact expires April 30, 2022 we plan on bargaining through the spring and summer as needed. Our opening position is based upon the feedback we received from you over the course of the winter term and we will endeavour to represent the interests of the membership to the best of our abilities given the legal restrictions we are forced to bargain under by the province.

We are also indebted to the work of the Salary Anomaly Committee as an example of how fair and equitable outcomes can be obtained concerning contentious issues.

To keep you informed and involved, the Collective Bargaining Committee will be taking the following steps over the spring and summer:

  • A CBC Information Folder under Resources in our Confidential Faculty Association Only OWL siteWe will provide regular bulletins and updates on negotiations and provide information regarding specific items thatmight require general membership meetings for discussion.
  • Bargaining Bulletins: this is the first “Bulletin” which the Committee will provide  and post for themembership electronically through the confidential OWL site and on our KUCFA website.
  • Membership Meetings: future meetings will be held as required to provide information, answer questions, and concerns, and to solicit feedback as required. 

Thank you for taking the time in reviewing our inaugural bulletin. 


The KUCFA Collective Bargaining Committee:

Joanna Andrejkow, Rick Csiernik, Laura Lewis, Chris Roney, Derek Silva, Joseph Turnbull