Between April 29 and May 16 the KUFCA Collective Bargaining Committee [CBC] met five times with King’s Administration Representatives.  Committee members caucused prior to and after each meeting to assess the proposals, discuss strategy, and prepare counterproposals.

Negotiations have proceeded steadily in a positive manner with both sides bargaining in good faith to this time. However, the major stumbling block has remained Bill-124 which has been an obstacle in any creative attempts by the CBC to address income and benefit inequity issues.  The next negotiation meeting is scheduled for June 3. While neither the CBC or KUFCA as a whole can offer any redress to Bill 124, you do have the ability to respond at the ballot box on June 2, and the CBC encourages you to vote in an informed manner on election day.

We remain committed to getting a good deal for YOU!

Please visit the KUCFA OWL page to find the latest updates to bargaining and to find out how you can support your bargaining team!