“Academic Excellence * Equitable Employment * Sustainable Employment”

Representing KUCFA: Lynne Jackson (Chief Negotiator), Stephanie Bangarth, Hui Feng, Jonathan Geen, Kristin Lozanski, Ben Muller, Renfang Tian

Representing King’s: Karen Gingrich, Director of Human Resources, Jeff Major, Vice President Finance and Support Services, Rob Ventresca, Vice President & Academic Dean

More info: For more bargaining info, visit our website.


  • The bargaining teams have met three times: April 10, 18, and 26.
  • KUCFA has proposed 22 improvements to the contract that are well-grounded in research and support excellence, equity, and workload sustainability.
  • Our employer has proposed 32 changes.
  • Where things stand: We have agreed upon and made progress on a number of smaller items, see room for coming together in other areas, but are far apart on some issues of great importance to us all. In these negotiations, KUCFA is committed to defending our academic freedom, ensuring quality jobs for all faculty, preventing further workload increases, and protecting procedural fairness throughout the contract.
  • May 1st General Meeting: We will share more information and hope that you can attend!

NOTE: Our first few meetings with the employer follow from over 7 months of preparation:

  • Summer, 2023: Background research; contacts with OCUFA and CAUT
  • September, 2023: Bargaining workshop; more research; member outreach
  • October, 2023: Town hall; focus groups with members
  • November, 2023: Member survey released
  • December, 2023: Survey and salary data analyzed
  • January, 2024: Mandate developed and unanimously supported!
  • Feb. & March, 2024: Finalized empirically-based proposal; Notice to bargain!
  • April, 2024: Formal negotiations began.
  • May 1, 2024: Upcoming General Member’s meeting: Bargaining update to the community.

To thrive, King’s needs to support our mandate:

Excellence, Equity, and Workload Sustainability.

Hence, our slogan, “KUCFA for KING’S”!