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About us

The Executive makes the day-to-day decisions and is elected through a vote of the membership every year. Major decisions are made directly by a vote of the membership at General Meetings which are held at least four times in an Academic year.

Constitution and By-Laws

How to make motions at meetings

Members can volunteer to serve on the Executive and several KUCFA committees.

Executive  2021-22
Chair: Stephanie Bangarth
Vice-Chair: Chris Roney
Past Chair: Ben Muller
Secretary/Treasurer: Adian McFarlane
CBC Chair: Rick Csiernick
Equity Officer:  Bharati Sethi
Grievance Committee Chair: Jaquie Newman
OCUFA Director: Derek Silva
Pension Committee:  TBD
The Executive Committee is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the Association and is also responsible for operations during the period between the final Association meeting in the spring and the first meeting in the fall.

Collective Bargaining Committee (CBC)
Rick Csiernick (Chief Negotiator)
Chris Roney
Derek Silva
Joanna Andrejkow
Laura Lewis
Joseph Turnbull

The Collective Bargaining Committee bargains for approved Association proposals regarding salary, benefits, professional and research funds; conditions of employment for faculty (such as academic freedom, tenure, promotions, family leave, grievance procedures, etc.) and meets with the appropriate Board committee to bargain for the approved Association proposals.

Grievance Committee
Jacquetta Newman (Chair)
Carrie Arnold
Chaya Halberstam
Kristin Lozanski
Andrew Mantulak
Chris Roney (Past Chair)
Coby Dowdell (Alternate)
The Grievance Committee advises faculty members regarding possible grievances, makes recommendations as to whether the Association supports a grievance and, if requested, assists faculty members during the grievance process.

Grievance Mediation Panel (minimum of six tenured faculty)
Rick Csiernik
Laura Lewis
Ian Rae
Chris Roney
Thomas Tieku
Shawna Weingartner
Adam Bohnet
If a grievance proceeds to mediation two members of this panel will be chosen by lottery for the Mediation Committee.

KUCFA Equity Committee
Laura Beres
Chaya Halbersam
The Equity Committee addresses issues of equity and diversity which may affect all members.  The Committee will also investigate concerns brought forward from all equity-seeking groups as well as general members and recommend strategies/solutions to ensure King’s operates on the principles of both equity and equality.

Joint Health and Safety Representatives
Jinette Comeau
Rick Csiernick

Joint Employment Equity Committee Representatives
Tracy Smith Carrier
Bharthi Sethi

Nominating Committee
Ben Muller(Chair)
The Nominating Committee ensures that a complete slate of nominees is presented to the membership for all elections.

Social Committee
Josephine Gemson
Erika Katzman
The Social Committee arranges and oversees the social functions of the Association.

Salary Anomaly Study Committee
Jennifer Jeffrey (Chair)
Adian McFarlane
Jordan Fairbairn

(Past Chair) Marcie Penner

Joint Consultative Committee:  
Any available KUCFA Exec

John Siambanopoulos
The auditor conducts and audit at the end of the fiscal year. The auditor is not on the Executive and is approved by the membership.

Equity Officer
Bharati Sethi (January 2021)
The Equity Officer is on the Executive and leads educational and advocacy activities for the Association regarding human rights and equity issues.

OCUFA Director
Derek Silva
The OCUFA Director is on the Executive and communicates with the membership about OCUFA, attends and reports on OCUFA Board meetings and seeks direction from the Executive or general membership about any action to be taken.

Pension Committee
Stephanie Bangarth
Adam Bohnet
Trevor Hunter
Peter Ibbott
Christine Laverence
Andrea Lawlor
Akin Taiwo
Ben Muller

February 2022