Our Mandate

The Bargaining Process

Bargaining Bulletins:

Bargaining Bulletin #2

Bargaining Bulletin #1: KUCFA for King’s!

Zoom Background:

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Member Consultations Include:

  • September, 2023 – Informal input welcomed
  • October, 2023 – Focus Groups (Oct. 4-10); Bargaining Town Hall (Oct. 25)
  • November, 2023 – Member Survey
  • January, 2024 General Meeting – Presentation of bargaining mandate
  • Spring 2024  – bargaining begins! Watch for:
    • Bulletins updating you on our progress
    • Polls asking you for quick input on key issues
  • Ongoing – members are welcome to reach out to any member of the bargaining committee

Collective Bargaining Committee, 2023–2024
Lynne Jackson (Chair), Stephanie Bangarth, Hui Feng, Jonathan Green, Kristin Lozanski, Ben Muller, Pat Ryan, Renfang Tian