Wellness and Workload Fairness for Faculty

The Bargaining Process

What are we bargaining for?


KUCFA is seeking stronger provisions that will commit the administration to meaningful equity, inclusivity, and diversity measures. This is especially important in the context of the ongoing pandemic, where faculty members have shouldered unprecedented workloads. 

Equal pay for equal work! Statistics Canada data show that women Faculty at King’s, on average, get paid 16% less than men for doing the same jobs. King’s faculty deserve fair and equitable compensation competitive with other universities in Ontario. King’s has the money to take concrete steps to address salary anomalies and inequities at the university.

Employment Equity: King’s needs to invest in measures and initiatives that support the diversity of its faculty and students. The collective agreement must introduce language to promote meaningingful equity, inclusivity, and diversity measures. 

Fair Compensation

Faculty and staff at King’s have worked tirelessly to maintain high-quality education that put students first during the pandemic. Faculty have shown their commitment to the university; the university must now do the same.  

Faculty have been overworked during the pandemic. With inflation at historic heights, it’s time for the University to recognize that faculty are doing more work for less money.     

Workload Fairness

Workload challenges for King’s faculty predate the COVID-19 pandemic. Faculty at King’s are overworked and under-supported. It is time for the university administration to step up and make the investments needed to preserve high-quality education. 

King’s has committed to building research capacity at the institution in it’s strategic plan, but it has not invested in the resources faculty need to engage in this research while maintaining their existing teaching responsibilities. King’s should ensure faculty are supported to preserve high-quality research and teaching. 

Collective Bargaining Committee 2021-22 (CBC)
Rick Csiernik (Chair), Laura Lewis, Laura Andrejkow, Chris Roney, Joseph Turnbull, Derek Silva